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InnoPlus, your partner in Innovative Product Development... If you want to... leave your competitors behind, improve competitiveness with new products with innovative technology, raise the effectiveness of your Product Development Process and achi...

Your partner InnoPlus

De mission of InnoPlus B.V.: InnoPlus stimulates Innovation and Product Development that benefits the client.
Company profile
InnoPlus, your partner in Innovation and Product Development..... expertise in Product Innovation. advice and support for Product Development, Subsidy Programmes and Patent Procedures. assistance to your employees during the Product Development Proc...
InnoPlus offers the following services: Advice Project Management Support for: Product Strategies Innovation Product Development Patenting Subsidies
Project setup
Project setup 2. Product Development in cooperation with the client InnoPlus cooperates with employees in your company in a way according your choice: investigation and advice on product-/market strategy, managing product development teams, exec...
Network InnoPlus has built up a network of companies and authorities, which provide flexibility in capacity and specialist expertise. Supported by this network, your project can be completed in a short time and to the highest quality standards.
Tjipke Klijnstra Managing Director of InnoPlus B.V., Please contact me in one of the following ways: Mobile: 0031 6 51316546 E-mail: send an e-mail


Suspended Platforms
Development of complete installations, including roof beams and modular platforms. The Safety Approval in Europe and the US was part of this project. Development of special installations, for example for the maintenance of bridges, floot control dam...
Building maintenance units
Development of permanent or temporary constructions for maintenance of dome shaped roofs, etc. Development of building maintenance units for window cleaning, horizontally and vertically movable.
Special elevators
Elevators for transportation of persons in special constructions, such as: Wind turbines (transportation of maintenance personal and their equipment tower cranes (transportation of the crane driver)
Weather protection
Development of weather protection for: the house painter (shield structures for small houses). shield structures for maintenance in combination with scaffold structures. shield structures for maintenance in combination with suspended scaffolds.
Walkway on site
Development of a new system to provide suitable access in bad ground conditions. Improving working conditions requires new products to cope with muddy and uneven sites. The trend towards improved working conditions leads to new products, developped...
Development of stairs and stepladders for every application: household use special application (fire brigade, power plant) escape ladders access to special structures


Patented shockabsorber (nr 1001590) Registered by: T.G. Klijnstra Inventor: T.G. Klijnstra, Nunspeet This patented application absorbs shocks due to wire rope rupture in a suspended access platform. The patent enables simpel and reliable working, de...
Building maintenance units
Patented building maintenance installation(nr 1006729) Registered by: InnoPlus B.V. Inventor: T.G. Klijnstra, Nunspeet This patented construction uses the leverage principle in a unique way to keep the installation extremely light and movable by han...
Lift cage guidance system
Patented lift cage guidance system (nr 1010908) Registered by: Altrex B.V. Inventor: T.G. Klijnstra Nunspeet This patented system provides suitable guidance for a lift cage on a tower crane or similar structure. The system uses tensioned wire ropes,...
Weather protection system
Patented weather protection system for suspended platform systems (nr 1013178) registered by: Altrex B.V. invemtor: T.G. Klijnstra, Nunspeet This patented system provides a shield construction for suspended platform systems, which can be lowered. Lo...
Walkway on site
Patented walkway system on site (nr 1017348) Registered by: B.V. Stabag PcP, Oudenbosch Inventor: T.G. Klijnstra, Nunspeet This Patent refers to a system to improve ground conditions on building sites. The patented system provides a unique connectio...
Adjustable workplatform
US Patent 421,134 Adjustable Work Platform Registered by: Altrex B.V. Inventor: T.G. Klijnstra, Nunspeet This patented adjustable workplatform enables the angle between two adjacent parts of the workplatform to be adjusted to adapt to the building s...
Scaffold coupling
Patented scaffold coupling (nr 0180260) Registered by: Bijstede B.V. Inventor: T.G. Klijnstra, Nunspeet This patent applies to the coupling system for scaffold handrails. The system enables a simple connection by shape without any moving parts and ...


Adress: InnoPlus B.V. Tjipke Klijnstra De Weitjes 13, 7722 LG Dalfsen - NL InnoPlus can be contacted by phone and e-mail as follows: Mobile 0031 6 51316546 E-mail send an e-mail
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