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InnoPlus has built up a network of companies which provide flexibility in capacity and specialist expertise. Backed by this network, your project can be completed in a short time and to the highest standards.


InnoPlus collaborates with the following partner organizations:

Anser Group

The Anser Group is a network of contractors who cooperate to provide multidisciplinary know-how on topics such as Business Strategies, production techniques, safety, ICT and legal advice.

Society of entrepreneurs "De Gans"

 | Your partner InnoPlus | Network
"The Gans" is an association of small businesses with a wide variety of expertness. InnoPlus can draw upon the variety of specialist skills available among the members to provide tailor made advice. This network garantees flexible capacity to garantee continuity in the execution of your projects.

Dutch Association of Inventors

 | Your partner InnoPlus | Network
InnoPlus is a member of the Dutch Association of Inventors (NOVU), which is seedbed for the development of new products and techniques. Where appropriate we can draw on this pool of talent to expand the innovative potential of your company.

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Our flexible capacity and expertise ensures:

...continued progress for your project, even in unexpected circumstances quality products

...well coordinated multidisciplinary projects

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