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Project setup

2.  Product Development in cooperation with the client

InnoPlus cooperates  with employees in your company in a way according your choice:

  • investigation and advice on product-/market strategy,

  • managing product development teams,

  • executing parts of development projects,

  • coaching and review to stay on course and achieve your long-term objectives.

Clarity for the client

Our client always have a clear picture of:

  • progress with the project

  • planning and date of introduction

  • costs and expected financial returns

Each stage of the process will be evaluated and - where necessary - we report back to the client on targets, planning, costs, etc.

Our clients receive monthly progress reports.

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Reduce Product Development time to...

...obtain a rapid return from your new product

...keep ahead of your competitors

...increase your technological advantage in the market enjoy increased profits over a longer period!

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