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Your partner InnoPlus | Project setup

Project setup

1.  Product Development commissioned by the client.

Depending on the nature of the project the following possibilities are available:

  • a complete "turn key" project;

  • a phased project;

  • a 'no cure, no pay' project.

2.  Product Development in collaboration with the client

InnoPlus can work with you on all aspects of your project or provide input for parts of your project:

  • investigation and advice on product-/market strategy,

  • managing product development teams,

  • executing parts of development projects,

  • coaching and review to stay on course and achieve your long-term objectives.

3.  Own Product Development

InnoPlus develops products for own account based on general trends in the market. These products are then offered to the market.

Clarity for the client

Our client always have a clear picture of:

  • progress with the project

  • planning and date of introduction

  • costs and expected financial returns

Each stage of the process will be evaluated and - where necessary - we report back to the client on targets, planning, costs, etc.

Our clients receive monthly progress reports.

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